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Our employees make up our company and give it a face. Below you will find our experts in the areas of consulting, software solutions and IT management.


  • Kerstin Schrowang
    Kerstin Schrowang
  • Pascal Absch
    Pascal Absch


  • Andre Friedrich
    Andre Friedrich
  • Benedikt Kreutner
    Benedikt Kreutner
  • Sebastian Jenke
    Sebastian Jenke
  • Arne Strauß
    Arne Strauß
  • Benjamin Schulte
    Benjamin Schulte
  • Patrick Pospischil
    Patrick Pospischil
  • Patrick Baumann
    Patrick Baumann
  • Dennis Winter
    Dennis Winter

System Integrator

  • Christian Thiemann
    Christian Thiemann
  • René Leipold
    René Leipold
  • Torben Riekötter
    Torben Riekötter
  • Julian Bartz
    Julian Bartz
  • Nico Thieme
    Nico Thieme
  • Marvin Biernat
    Marvin Biernat
  • Dennis Kramer
    Dennis Kramer