Individual software solutions and IT management for business

Products and technologies are important in the IT environment. However, they are usually interchangeable with similar products. Successfully using technologies in the company is what’s most important.

And this always includes the involvement of the people in the company – they need to be engaged, trained and inspired about new technologies. Only then can the necessary added value be generated – added value that allows our customers to increase their competitiveness in the market.

In addition to a powerful product portfolio, the soft factors (software) are perhaps the most important aspects that we’re committed to:

  • responsibility
  • reliability
  • agility
  • commitment
  • honesty

Individual software solutions and IT management

As a software manufacturer with special expertise in the areas of process manufacturing, the chemical & plastics trade as well as inventory management, our products for enterprise resource planning, compounding, CRM and BI provide answers to the challenges brought forth by digitisation and Industry & Work 4.0. This also includes solutions for corporate communication, mobile work, knowledge management and data exchange – both locally and in the cloud. We develop standard products based on standard technologies, and they’re all tailored to the needs of our customers. With our data and process know-how as well as our focus on what benefits our customers, we generate significant competitive advantages.

Our customers benefit from the advantages of a standard product – think fast implementation, support for individual business processes and reduced training requirements.


As consultants and IT service providers, we offer our customers comprehensive support – from the development and implementation of their IT strategy right through to operational processes and support for individual employees. We are the point of contact for management, in-house IT staff and external service providers. We offer particularly powerful solutions for securing your IT (backup, monitoring and IT security).

Our excellent reporting provides a complete overview of all the relevant IT processes and their costs. With this information, we continuously generate suggestions so that, as per customer requirements, IT is used in the most optimal and cost-conscious manner possible. Through it all, the aim is to attain comprehensive IT management.

Who we are

Based in North Rhine-Westphalia, we have been successful in the manufacture of commercial software and as IT service providers for medium-sized businesses for more than 26 years. Nevertheless, we still sometimes feel like a start-up when it comes to our enthusiasm towards goals, agility and employee commitment. Our customers’ success is what matters most to us.