IT Security

Essential for every company (and its survival).


At a time when information is more valuable than other raw materials, it is important to protect your data. And to be aware of vulnerabilities in your own IT security so that you’re able to act.

For goals concerning confidentiality, integrity, availability and so on to really be achieved, companies must have their own IT security under control. We are happy to help you with an appraisal within the scope of a security audit or a professional penetration test.


Improving Your IT Security Level

Detecting vulnerabilities in your own IT plays an important role in even being able to harden the systems at all. Together with you, we develop a strategy for how you can meet goals concerning topics such as confidentiality, integrity, availability, data protection, authenticity, trustworthiness, non-repudiation, responsibility and verifiability.

Data Protection

More than ever. Thanks to GDPR.

IT security also means always meeting legal requirements. In the context of the GDPR, the topic of IT security gains greater importance. And not just for risk management in the company.

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