Central data storage and application logic

We develop our software based on a central database management (master data management) and make procedures and functions centrally available for various applications. It is therefore possible to make our software easily available on different platforms (mobile, smartphone, web, Windows desktop, tablet and Apple iPad); it is always based on a central business process logic and central database. If the central business process logic is changed, the changes are usually directly available on all platforms.

Microsoft SQL Server as an Integration Platform

As SQL Server specialists and Microsoft Gold Partners, we use Microsoft SQL Server and the associated tools such as Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Corporate Business Intelligence for application development. The SQL Server also has excellent integration possibilities and interfaces to other systems, be it other database systems (Oracle, DB2, AS/400, MySql, Sybase), cloud-based data (Azure), or simple text or Excel files. Using the Microsoft SQL Server, you can centre applications and data in one place and create uniform access. In addition, the SQL Server has modules for centrally managing company-wide data repositories.

Central Software or Specialised Applications?

Digital transformation requires companies to quickly adapt to the individual requirements of the market and their customers. But which way can a company go in the process? Should it trust that the current provider can still deliver a desired functionality in a short amount of time, or should it implement a new central software within the framework of an introduction process that takes more than a year, requiring enormous amounts of company resources that could be used more advantageously on the market with greater customer proximity?

We assume that the company will increasingly use specialised, smaller applications that can be implemented and adapted in a quick and lean manner. However, the data must be consolidated and made available throughout the company as part of a uniform information management system. Microsoft SQL Server offers the ideal integration platform for this.

Customer and Supplier Connections

In addition to the integration of internal applications, a major challenge lies in connecting customers and supplier systems. When it comes to just-in-time production in the automotive industry, a data flow is often already a prerequisite for a business relationship. In the past, some of these systems were complicated and expensive. With digitisation increasing, not only document data, but also master data, production data, approval and compliance certificates, recipes and documents such as safety data sheets are available to be connected within the value chain. Benefit from our know-how and integrate your customers and suppliers into your processes so that you can achieve competitive advantages together.

We’re Here to Help

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